2023.10.25 Release

Giving you the new experience through varieties of tracks in different genre
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Title track of the movie “The Pearl Legacy”

As the lyrics goes “Life is bitter” , the song recalls and brings the missing and
bittersweet memories with the past one by using the light track and warm voice
that embraces the listeners heart.

Global sound presented by Vicke Blanka
Vicke Blanka has been touring abroad in Europe and the Middle East since early
spring of 2023. The song is inspired by the music and audiences in those countries,
and the music is the result of the experience.

3.Sad In Saudi Arabia
You can feel and experiences of Saudi Arabia listening to the song

Inspired by the winds blowing in the country and the music playing in the streets,
the song is melancholy, but with a passion that burns deep within.

This song was made while reminiscing about the memories of the friends
he met during the summer visit to Sicily.

It is a laid-back chill song like the memories of Sicily, where you can feel the time
flowing slowly and the warmth of the people.

Fast-moving music in marching rock style
A song that pushes people to start the new journey. The piano, chorus work, and
various instruments are intricately woven into the composition of the song, which
is the style to Vicke Blanka, retitling his genre and style of music.

A simple but hopeful song for the future composed only with singing and piano.
The song expresses the desire to see the city of Barcelona, Spain, known as a
country of passion, through the eyes of Vicke Blanka.